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Summer at Doon: Praise for the 2015 Leadership Programme

Posted on : July 12, 2015

Summer at Doon: Praise for the 2015 Leadership Programme
This hugely successful event saw 4.95 on a scale of 1-5 where 4 =Very Good and 5=Outstanding. Of these almost 100% of the feedback rated the programme 5 out of 5. However, it’s the feedback comments that reveal what were the key learning surprises were and what parents most noticed about their son or daughter’s experience of the Leadership Programme. With applicants coming from all over India and large numbers from Hyderabad and Mumbai the feedback provides a true insight in to the aspects of the course that parents really observed and had not seen from a school before.

Parents of Vandita who wrote to the school said:
‘Vandita enjoyed every moment of her stay in The Doon School campus. She was overwhelmed by the concern, care & attention you & the staff of your school showered upon her, it helped her feel secure & at ease to take on the mental & physical challenges involved in successfully completing the program. Observing you and your colleagues performing your assigned roles has in itself been a learning experience for Vandita and redefined her concepts and perceptions about warmth & hospitality.
Thank you very much for all the attention & care you and your team have showered on Vandita and made this a memorable summer for her, the reminiscences of which will last her a lifetime. Please accept our gratitude and convey the same to your team at the Doon School for creating a home away from home for Vandita’.

Parents of Arnav who wrote to the school from Mumbai about their son Arnav said:
‘Arnav has had the time of his life at Summer at Doon…
In the initial days he was all complaining about the accommodation, hours of the course, food and everything.
But by day three he had completely turned around and he loved the food, the course, the people and towards the end he was hoping it could be extended.
He was very happy with his experience on the farming and social services. He had never had a chance to do something like that. The course was very engrossing and I hope to see a change soon.
Thanking you for the lovely experience and we are looking forward to more’.

Parents of Aryan who wrote to the school said:
‘A small thank you note for all the efforts taken by the school and the Aspire group to help my son Aryan. As a parent I have been observing some notable changes in him which indeed are reasons for my joy and happiness.
His experiences about the leadership programme have helped him in expressing himself with amazing confidence. He seems to have become more responsible and has started taking charge of his actions. The do’s and don’t’s and a list of consequences for him in life seems to be clear. Aryan’s interpersonal skills and communication skills have truly been enhanced .The workshop was indeed very fruitful. Thanks for all your guidance and support.’