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The Doon School matches its IB HMC UK counterparts

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Posted on : September 20, 2013

The school is delighted to announce that it has according to 2012 data produced the same average point score as its HMC counterparts. The current point score average for the UK HMC group of schools is 36.4.

The Doon School is in overseas membership of HMC and only one of 4 schools in India to be in membership. The UK private sector average point score is 35.1 and the maintained sector in the UK averages 31.6 points per pupil.

Globally the private sector in the UK is the highest performing group of IB schools. The Doon School is now firmly in that group. In 2013, it has matched large co-educational boarding schools in the UK, such as the prestigious Oakham School HMC and Malvern College HMC who have been offering the IB for much longer than The Doon School. They also have girls whose successful presence is felt in terms of number and quality of results. In the UK, there is no single sex boys’ full boarding school offeriing the IB.