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The Doon School participates in Infinity 2017

Posted on : January 28, 2017

Infinity 2017 was held at Aditya Birla World Academy  from 23rd-24th Jan, 2017.

The Participants from The Doon School were TejitPabari, Utkarsh Agarwal, Shreyansh Pandey.

Highlights of the event were talks by Dr. James Tanton, Mathematical Association of America, USA and Dr. Inder K. Rana, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai.

A research paper was presented by Tejit Pabari on Mathematics In one View, is the Science of Infinity.

The students engaged with all participants from various schools and their exposure to the level of mathematics at the senior level was an insightful learning experience. Exploring dots was a new method of using basic mathematical operations which could be extended to higher-order calculus and infinite series.