Old Boys

The Old Boys’ Society, which celebrated its Platinum Jubilee in 2014, exists to bring together and support Doscos in India and around the world once they have left Chandbagh. Old Boys are also generous in their ongoing support for the school and its development plans. The DSOBS has been a thriving and active association since its inception in 1939 and the President is a special invitee on the Board of Governors. The Doon School alumni association is recognized as the most powerful and influential in India, and one of the strongest in the world.

The Doon School Old Boys Society (DSOBS) is responsible for the following publications:

  • The Rose Bowl: The Old Boys magazine
  • The Dosco Record, the most recent edition being 2013

It has also launched a memorabilia store online and supports the shop at school that features many of the items. The Old Boy responsible for this is Vivek Sehgal. (Email: sehgalviv@gmail.com T: 09810036706)

Samples of the Old Boys’ memorabilia are on view and on sale in the school’s Development Office.

The Old Boys Society has an excellent website packed with the latest Old Boys news, a calendar of events, archives of fond memories and the online memorabilia store which everyone associated with The Doon School is encouraged to visit: www.dsobs.net

The DSOBS headquarters is in Delhi. The DSOBS Executive Secretary is Mr Sheel Sharma. His email address is: secretary@dsobs.net

The President and members of the DSOBS Executive Committee induct the SC Leavers at school annually in March as the boys are about to finish school. Boys pay a lifetime subscription for membership of the DSOBS on leaving us.