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Ways of Fund Raising

Once again The Doon School follows best fundraising practice worldwide, which is supported by CASE. There are many ways you can support The Doon School:

1.Create an endowed scholarship

This requires a minimum sum to support boys year after year. In this case, the original donation amount is invested, and the interest earned from the investment is used to make scholarship or bursary awards. You can establish a named endowment in an area of importance to you, your family, or your friends. The endowment can be added to at any time at the discretion of the donor, who determines the selection criteria for the award of scholarships (usually on merit or because a boy has a particular talent) and bursaries funded through the programme. Contact the Development and Alumni Relations Office for further details.

2.Create a limited duration scholarship

In this case, a set amount is distributed each year until the gift is expended. Limited duration scholarships or bursaries provide awards for merit or financial aid for those in need for a specified period of time and are typically funded through a lump-sum contribution. The fund may be added to at the donor’s discretion. The donor determines the selection criteria for the award of merit scholarships funded through the programme, and the money is awarded over the number of years specified. Contact the Development and Alumni Relations Office for further details.

3.Support the School’s financial aid programme: Make a general donation to our endowment fund from which we provide financial aid to the students.

Support a deserving DOSCO in pursuit of the best all-round education that the country can provide by contributing to our endowment fund for financial aid. Each year scores of awards called “Doon Scholarships” are made to boys who meet our means-tested criteria for financial aid.

4.Make a general donation

Support the area of greatest need, whether that’s providing emergency funds to a student or to renovate a building or playing field.

5.Legacy giving: Make a planned gift

You can support us by leaving a legacy that will change lives forever through a simple bequest naming The Doon School in your will or establishing a Charitable Gift Annuity. Planned giving is a meaningful way to support present and future DOSCOs, while providing a way for your legacy to live on through their achievements. Contact the Development and Alumni Relations Office for further information.

6.Support a capital campaign: Endow a building or specific capital project

The school has a number of major projects currently underway and needs donations for its masters’ housing project and the building of a new indoor sports complex. Donors may have naming rights to buildings or parts of buildings to recognize their donations.

7. The Doon School Fund: Send a yearly contribution

The Doon School Annual Fund is a crucial source of funding that allows The Doon School to meet its most pressing needs. Priorities for the Annual Fund are identified each year. Annual Fund mailings take place each Autumn Term, around the time of Founder’s.

8. The school has the following funds:

In addition to the Annual Fund and the information currently stated in this section the following exist: 1. Chandbagh Estate Fund 2. Endowment Fund 3. Scholarship Fund

9.Make a matching gift

A matching gift is a great way for a donor to increase his or her contribution to The Doon School. Matching gifts are provided by a donor’s employer (or his/her spouse’s employer) to a non-profit organization in an equal or greater amount to the donor’s gift. Companies have various methods by which they can submit their matching gift requests to The Doon School. The Human Resources Office of the donor’s employer (or the donor’s spouse’s employer) will be able to provide necessary information on the company’s Matching Gift Programme and the method the company uses to process matching requests.