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Areas to support

Scholarship Fund

The Doon School offers financial aid in the form of scholarships, which are both, merit based and need based forms of financial aid. These are designed to attract deserving boys irrespective of parental income. Our aim is to build up the schools scholarship corpus to provide the necessary financial support for both current and future generations of talented boys on a needs free basis.

Named Scholarships

The School can set up named scholarships where the donors is a liberty to Name the Scholarship, specify/describe the criteria for selection of beneficiaries. Named Scholarships are designed to utilize only part of the income from the Corpus. Part of the interest is put back to the Corpus to ensure the scholarships last for perpetuity. Please contact the Development Office for further details.

IPSS Scholarship Fund

Member’s of the Indian Public Schools Society (IPSS) make voluntary donations annually which adds up towards to Doon School Scholarship Fund corpus.

Endowment Fund

The Doon School Endowment Fund generates interest income, thereby securing the School’s long-term financial future. The principal of an Endowment gift is preserved in perpetuity while only the income from interest may be used at the discretion of the Board of Governors. Endowment gifts benefit all areas of the school’s activities and can be directed for a specific purpose or be open-ended which allows the school to use the funds at it’s discretion.

Chhota Hazri Fund

The Chhota Hazri Fund encourages small giving for new donors. A fundraising activity that encourages Old boys and others to contribute to the School in any capacity. Chhota Hazri contributions can be used for such purposes as may be decided by the Board of Governors.

Main Building Smart Class Rooms

Our main focus currently is to upgrade the Main Building Classrooms to Smart Classes. To refurbish each class, the cost is Rs 25 lacs. Out of the 25 Classrooms in the Main Building we are left with only 12 classrooms which are available for funding. The contribution from the individuals and batches who support a class will be acknowledged in the form of a plaque in the classroom.

Chandbagh Estate Fund

Has been set up to fund Capital Projects (immovable and immovable assets) such as New Masters’ Housing, New Indoor Sports Complex and so on.

Projects coming up soon

  • Science Laboratories
  • Indoor Sports Complex
  • Kashmir House renovation
  • Hyderabad House renovation
  • Tata House renovation