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Teaching Staff

We value the most invaluable resource – Our Teachers

Our teaching faculty at The Doon School is essential to the learning experience of all boys. Almost all of the teachers live on the campus and all teachers, in and out of the classroom, are actively involved in the co-curricular education offered to each and every boy. Every teacher is assigned a tutorial group of about eight to ten boys. Academic, pastoral and full guidance are all part of the tutors’ role and the boys benefit immensely from this relationship. Outings with tutors to explore the Doon Valley and midterm expeditions strengthen the bonds between the boys and their teachers.

The school has an ongoing teacher training and staff inset programme organized by the Teachers’ Centre, in conjunction with the academic deputies and the Headmaster. In 2011, the school began a whole staff teacher training programme with the Institute of Education, part of the University of London.

At The Doon School, we value our teachers. They, in turn, not only teach the curriculum, but also inculcate an enthusiasm for learning and critical thinking.

The following list is a current list of staff as of 1st August 2018 and will be regularly updated as and when appropriate.


Mr. Kamal Ahuja: Deputy Headmaster (Acting Headmaster),  M.Com., B.Ed., P.G.D.B.A, IPGCE

Mr. Debasish Chakrabarty: Deputy Head Academics M.A., M.Phil(Coursework) English, B.Ed, IPGCE

Ms. Stuti Kuthiala: Deputy Head Pastoral, B.A.,IPGCE



Mr. Arnab Mukherjee: M.V.A. (Head of Department)

Ms. Nandita Mukherjee M.F.A (Painting)

Ms. Banita Bhau: B.F.A. M.F.A.

Mr. Madan Singh: B.F.A. M.F.A. Dip.(Photography)

Mr. Sanjib Kumar Kalsi: B.A. M.F.A.

Mr. Srikanta Banerjee: B.V.A.(Visual Art) M.F.A.

Mr. Tapan Barui: B.F.A. M.F.A.

Commerce, Accounts and Economics

Dr. Praveen Dwivedi: M.Com. Ph.D. (Head of Department)

Mr. Aseem Tripathi: M.Phil. M.A.

Mr. Ishan Saxena: M.Sc. B.A.

Mr. Mohammed Istemdad Ali: M.Sc. B.Ed.  (Asst. IB Coordinator)

Mr. Samik Das: M.Com. C.A.( Inter)

Mr. Shadeep Adhikari: M.Com. B.Ed.

Mr. Kamal Ahuja: Deputy Headmaster, M.Com. B.Ed. P.G.D.B.A.


Mr. Rajesh Majumdar: M.Sc. B.Ed. (Head of Department)


Mr. Chitranjan Kagdee: M.Sc. B.Ed.

Dr. Sriniwas Swamy: M.Sc. B.Ed. Ph.D.  (IGCSE Coordinator)

Mr. Vivek Kumar: M.Sc. B.Ed.

Ms. Ruchi Sahni: M.Sc. B.Ed.


Mr. Anand Kumar Mandhian: M.Sc. B.Ed.

Mr. Manish Pant: M.Sc.

Dr. Ravi Kumar Sharma: Ph. D, M.Sc., B. Ed.


Mr. Ashish Dean: M.Sc. B.Ed.

Mr. Gyaneshwaran: M.Sc.

Mr. Rajesh Majumdar: M.Sc. B.Ed.

Mr. Ramesh Kumar Bhardwaj: M.Sc. B.Ed. (CAS Coordinator)

Computer Science

Mr. Vishal Mohla: B.Sc. M.C.A. M.A.Ed. (Head of the Department)

Mr. Ambikesh Shukla: M.Sc. B.Ed. P.G. Diploma Electronic (Director of Social Service and Activities)

Mr. Harshal Gunwant: M.Sc. (Gold medalist), M.Tech. (CSE)

Design and Technology

Mr. Ankur Khare: PGDPD in Industrial Design (NID)

Mr. Hariom Dhiman (HRD) -Teaching Assistant

Mr. Vijay Kumar – Metal Expert- Technical Assistant

Mr. Furkhan Khan – Wood Expert – Technical Assistant


Ms. Priyanka Bhattacharya: M.A. M.Phil. (Head of Department)

Mr. Debasish Chakrabarty: M.A. M.Phil.

Mr. Ashad Qezilbash: M.A.

Mrs. Jusbir Kaur Anand

Ms. Priya Chauhan: M.A. B.Ed.

Ms. Stuti Kuthiala: B.A.

Mr. Shrey Nagalia: M.A.

Mr. Supratim Basu M.A., M.Phil

Ms. Rageshree Dasgupta B.A, M.A, M. Phil, P.G Diploma – Human Rights



Mrs. Purnima Dutta: M.A. B.Ed. (Head of Department)

Mr. Mohit Sinha: B.A.

Mr. Pratyush Vaishnava: B.A. P.G.D.B.M. P.G.D. (Commerce)

Mr. Piyush Malaviya: M.A. B.Ed.


Mr. Arvind Sadashiv Dethe: M.A. B.Ed.

Mr. Hemant Choudhary: M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed.

Political Science

Mr. Piyush Malaviya: M.A. B.Ed.


Ms. Harshita Ahuja: BA, M.A., UGC NET, PG diploma – Counselling and family therapy

School Counselling Department

Mr. Udayan Philip: M.A. Psychology

Ms. Saakshi Tikku: BSc, M.A Clinical Psychology.

Hindi and Sanskrit

Mr. Manoj Pandey: M.A. (Head of Department)

Dr. Arvindanabha Shukla: M.A. Ph.D. (Director of Sport and Adventure Activity)

Mr. Devendra Mishra: M.A. B.Ed. P.G.D.T.

Mr. Dheeraj Kumar Upadhyay: M.A., B. Ed, M.Ed, D.Ed

Dr. Mohammad Hammad Farooqui: M.A. B.Ed. Ph.D.

Mr. Mrigank Pandey: M.A.


Mr. Anjan Kumar Chaudhary: M.Sc. (Head of Department)

Mr. Chandan Singh Ghughtyal: M.Sc. M.A. B.Ed.

Mr. Manoj Kumar Sharma M. Sc., B.Ed

Mr. Manu Mehrotra: M.Sc. M.A. B.Ed.

Mr. Rahul Luther: M.Sc. B.Ed. M.Ed.

Mr. Pankaj Joshi: M.Sc. (IB Coordinator)

Mr. Sudhir Thapa: M.A. B.Ed. ()

Mr. Sunil Kumar: M.A., B.Ed


Mr. Partho Roy Choudhury: M.A. (Director, Music)

Mr. Avijit Chattopadhyay: Sangeet Visharad

Mr. Arun Kumar: M.Com.

Mr. Adarsh Saxena: M.A.(Music)

Physical Education

Dr Arvindanabha Shukla (Director of Sport and Adventure Activity)

Mr. Nitin Chauhan: M.P.E. (Assistant Director of Sport and Head of Department)

Mr. Deepankar Sirohi: B. P.Ed

Mr. Inderjit Singh: M.A. NET

Mr. Jitender Tiwari: M.A. M.P.Ed., M.Phil.

The Careers Information, Education and Guidance Department

Mr. Kamal Ahuja: Deputy Head Headmaster, M.Com. B.Ed P.G.D.B.A (Head of Department)

Mrs. Aanchal Negi: Master in Finance

Mr. Ajay Tayade: B. E Comp. Sc.

Social Service

Mrs. Amrit Burrett: M.A.

Teacher Training Centre

To be updated.


Ms Priyanka Singh: M. A., Health & Fitness Professional


(HOD, Dept of Modern Foreign Languages)


Ms. Malvika Kala: M.A. German, M.Phil.



Ms. Mercedes Alonso Garcia: M.Phil., M.B.A.

Ms. Neha Rawat: B.A, M.A.


Mr. Pankaj Kumar Das: M.Lib. A.D.I.S.

Amit Kumar Shaw: MS (LIS)

Mrs. Saira Bano: B.Lib.


Mrs. Abia Qezilbash: M.Sc. P.G. Diploma (Naturopathic Science)

Wellness Centre

Dr. Lanka Amar: MBBS DHM

Ms. Karma Sangmo: General Nursing

Mr. Shivraj Singh Negi: Diploma in Pharmacy

Mr. Kailash Chandra Tripathi: General Nursing


Foot House: Mrs. Kanchan Shukla: M.A.

Hyderabad House: Mrs. Meenakshi Tripathi: M.A.

Jaipur House: Mrs. Sonali Malaviya: M.A.

Kashmir House: Mrs. Sarabjeet Sandhu: B.A. B.Ed.

Martyn House: Mrs. Priyanka Majumdar: B.A.

Oberoi House: Ms. Kamal Kapoor

Tata House: Mrs. Ranjit Kaur: B.A


Foot House: Mr. Debasish Chakrabarty: M.A., M.Phil.

Asst. Housemaster: Mr. Jitender Tiwari: M. P Ed., M. Phil

Martyn House: Mr. Samik Das:  M. Com., B. Ed.

Asst. Housemaster: Ms. Mercedes Alonso Garcia: M.Phil., M.B.A

Hyderabad House: Mr.Sudhir Thapa: M.A., B. Ed.

Assistant Housemaster: Dr. Ravi Kumar: M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D

Jaipur House: Mr. Mohit Sinha: B.A. (Hons)

Assistant Housemaster: 

Kashmir House: Mr. Anjan Kumar Chaudhary: M.Sc., B. Ed.,

Assistant Housemaster: Mr. Manoj Kumar Sharma: M.Sc.

Oberoi House: Mr. Manu Mehrotra: M.Sc., B.Ed.

Assistant Housemaster: Mr. Hemant Choudhary: M.A., M. Phil., B.Ed.NET

Tata House: Dr. Ashish Dean: M. Sc. B. Ed.  Ph.D

Assistant Housemaster: Mr. Shrey Nagalia: M.A.