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“Pure Mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.” — Albert Einstein

Young minds need to consider this statement. Such minds are not confined in the pages of a Maths school text book. The Maths publication started in 2007. ‘Infinity’, as the name suggests, is knowledge beyond, where there is no end. It instils in the community the desire to look deeper into the subject. Mathematics is not only about explicit formulas as in this world there are ample unknown proofs, paradoxes and conjectures. The publication provides the boys with an opportunity to compose their thoughts from the deep end of numbers, to the fantastic symmetries that exist to the rigour of concrete proofs. It encourages boys to read Maths books beyond the course to gain a rich insight into the wider understanding of Mathematics.

Boys need to think like mathematicians and this society is one place that encourages keen mathematicians in the school to view themselves as such.

This society encourages boys to develop an interest for Mathematics and to pursue it at higher level studies.