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Leadership Training at The Doon School

The Doon School’s mission is to develop exceptional boys and prepare them to serve a meritocratic India as ethical, wise and just citizens. We believe that leadership skills can be taught and capacity can be developed. In preparing our students to enter a fast changing, complex and ambiguous world, we take every opportunity to use experiences inside and outside the classroom to explore the complicated business of gaining trust through authentic action, collaborating to bring about growth in social capital and influencing others. There are traditional systems in place which embody these ideals and there are targeted workshops, activities and immersive experiences that we design and give to the students as they move through the school on their journey from D to SC Form.

The School Council

The democratic heart of the school sits monthly to discuss, advise and develop the school. The School Council comprises boys in their capacity as House Reps, Prefect Rep, Captain of School, Girls Reps and Junior Reps. They are joind by their teachers and other school staff including a House Dames Rep, Admin Staff Rep, Teacher Rep, Deans, Deputy and Assistant Heads of School and the Headmaster. While the Headmaster chairs the meetings the secretary who records and effectively runs the meetings is a student elected by the council.

Changes to routines, policy and practice are raised through the floor and discussed before a consensus is reached or some action decided upon. Decisions like changing the structure of the school’s weekly schedule are made through the council.

The Prefectorial System and School Captain.

The Prefects are the senior role models and influencers in the school who, in tune with the student elected School Captain, are responsible for creating a constructive, dynamic and positive  environment and culture. We are no longer living in Tom Brown’s School Days where malevolent seniors ruin the lives of juniors by exercising power and punishments; prefects work hard to guide, inspire and help the Housemasters run their houses.

Our prefectorial body goes through a training programme that starts before they are selected. Anyone interested in taking on this responsibility participates in a workshop that is designed to help them reflect on their own suitability for the job. Once they have been selected the Prefects, Housemasters and the Headmaster participate in a school led seminar on leadership that helps prepare them for the year ahead.


Our very own style of treking and adventure learning. Mid-terms, particularly private mid-terms from A Form, are a great opportunity to practice and develop team spirit and leadership skills. Workshops are conducted on campus and off-site over a weekend to help prepare the expedition groups for the challenges that lie ahead of them. The focus is on preparing them for private mid-terms, with practical experience in terms of budgeting, tent pitching, safety, emergency response, etc.

The Global Ethical Leadership Foundation.

S and SC formers volunteer to be members of tGELF. This allows them to be a part of the Youth Leadership Club in college, providing them with opportunities to interact with leading personnel from various fields at the annual conference. Internships and support from tGELF throughout college, both in the form of scholarships and mentoring, are an opportunity provided through this organisation. A number of the tGELF modules on leadership are also incorporated in the Life Skills classes.

Other parts of the programme include:

Good team members and leaders must exhibit good soft skills. Age-appropriate workshops are conducted regularly on topics such as Anger Management, Gender Sensitivity, Dining Etiquette, Blame and Excuses, Communication Skills – Voice Modulation and Impact of Body Language, Responsible Use of Social Media, etc. The Armed Forces are an epitome of leadership under pressure. Boys are provided an opportunity to experience this by visits to the Indian Military Academy and Air Force stations. We are fortunate to be visited by some senior Old Boys who have had distinguished and decorated careers in the Armed Forces who share their learning.

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