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Aero Modelling

Aeromodelling is a hobby in which a trainee learns to build the model of actual aircraft which do not carry people and are used for sports purposes. At Doon, aeromodelling continues to be one of the favourite STAs for the boys. The challenge of making new planes from pieces of wood and getting the feel of the propellers rotating using real engines has been one of the key attractions of this STA. In D form, boys are taught the skills of handling tools and the principles involved in making planes fly. To have better control over flying a plane, the B and A form boys are given practice on simulators. Also, they are trained to tune engines, which is one of the biggest challenges in aeromodelling. Beside this, they work on building various flying models such as the senior and junior Sky Bee and Marshals. Our S and SC team takes the lead in helping junior boys understand the process of building and flying planes. It helps in reducing stress and creating more awareness about one’s life.