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The Business Club

The purpose of the Business Club is to provide a forum for boys to discuss key business and economic issues. The club meets every week and discusses a wide range of finance and business related issues affecting the world. The boys have also taken an initiative to do something socially productive, such as helping a small group of disadvantaged people by providing micro-finance to them. Thus, the Business Club offers an invigorating platform for the boys to develop a commendable insight into core economic issues of the modern world. Proactive membership of this club is essential for boys wishing to study Business Management and/or Economics at university.

In 2013 the club launched the ‘Young Entrepreneurs Programme’. The aim is to provide an insight to boys on the challenges faced by start-up businesses, managing funds and understanding the concepts of cash inflow and outflow. The programme focuses on making strategic business decisions, providing opportunity to boys to think in an innovative manner, and teaching them to appreciate the significance of calculated risks. The Business Club also hosted the first inter-school ‘Young Entrepreneurs Conference’ in September 2013. Nine schools including The Doon School participated in the event. This continued in 2014.

A number of Universities and Colleges have on-campus business clubs and societies. Boys wishing to study Business Management are encouraged to join this club and be a part of the programme. Being a part of this club also helps in preparing boys to play an active role beyond the classroom while pursuing higher education in India or abroad. Membership of the Club is open to boys from B to SC form.