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Scholar’s Cup

The Scholar’s Cup is an international competition that takes place in two stages: regional round and the world championship round.

This activity is done in The Doon School, and is meant only for juniors, i.e. D-B Forms (till the age of fourteen years). The maximum cut-off for the Scholar’s Cup STA is 30 boys. The boys are asked to master 6 subject areas: Arts (Music and Fine Arts), Literature (Poetry, Fiction and Cinema), Current Affairs, Science, History and Special Area. The subjects are developed around a theme. The theme for 2013 was A World in Motion.

The boys will work in teams of three and participate in team debates, essay writing competitions, quiz and a multiple choice question answer open session.

There is no screening for participation; however, boys are not allowed to withdraw after the last date of acceptance.

Boys are trained to:

  • Laterally think out of the box
  • Frame debate arguments
  • Develop speaking and writing skills
  • Work in teams and work to their strengths
  • Divide and win
  • Develop higher cognitive and logical skills

These STAs will be offered to juniors only. Both these STAs will be handled under the organizational umbrella of the Junior English Debating Society.