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Audio-Visual Squad

This is one of the older activities in the School and was originally christened as the “Film Society” in the late 1970s, which was renamed the “Audio Visual and Lighting Squad”. It is now called by its current name or just “The Squad” or “AV Squad”. The Audio-Visual Squad is a service-associated activity which puts boys under constraints and limitations of resource and manpower and gives them tasks to accomplish associated with things as simple as lighting up a hall to managing the Visual and Audio effects for plays and concerts. Open to D form and above, the boys learn by doing, and a large part of the activity involves developing the boy’s thinking skills, learning by making mistakes and making them pro-active rather than reactive. Improvisation and logical thinking and achieving desirable results form an integral part of the activity. It also, in a passive manner, teaches the boys a lot about acoustics and the sound dynamics associated with fine listening and endeavouring to set up equipment for it.