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Maths Colloquium Society (Junior)

The objective of the Junior Maths Colloquium Society is to develop an interest for Mathematics in young boys (D, C and B forms). Boys are taught different methods of solving problems which require higher order reasoning and interesting topics of Mathematics which are usually not given in any one syllabus book. Quizzes are also held in these meetings. It is an activity-based and fun-filled programme. Latest technologies, such as pictures based on origin and history of Mathematics and software like Geometric Sketch Pad (GSP), are used to bring awareness of latest technologies in Mathematics. A Junior Maths Colloquium objective questions test is held for B, C and D form boys once a year. All these activities enrich boys’ knowledge of the subject and emphasize the subject’s importance in the modern world. Most importantly, this society helps to generate in the boys an interest in the subject.