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Doon Stock Exchange

Open to senior boys of S and SC forms, Doon Stock Exchange is a relatively new introduction to the already diverse STAs the school offers. The purpose of this STA is to introduce the boys to the functioning of the world market, especially in the light of the recent recessions and fluctuating economic fortunes of the world. It was felt that boys should be educated beyond the confines of the usual textbook learning, and channels should be opened to create awareness about the world market and finance-related issues. It is hoped that this activity will open up avenues for research which in turn will encourage boys to choose careers in finance and similar fields.

Boys are also able to take part in an online competition with other schools in India as part of a Canadian university programme.

The Doon Stock exchange STA members started working on the blueprint for developing their own software in 2013. An interaction with representatives from SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) began in February 2013 by the Accounts, Commerce and Economics department to discuss this issue. The objective is to develop an online game within the confines of the campus that provides a simulation of trading in stock options across the various stock exchanges in the country. Membership of the STA is open to boys from A to SC form.