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Maths Colloquium Society (Senior)

The objective of the Senior Maths Colloquium Society is to expand the horizons of knowledge of Mathematics in the boys of A, S and SC forms. Since the classroom learning is confined to the scope of the syllabus which deals with the learning of concepts and formulas, by joining this society the boys can gain an insight into the wider perspective and universal nature of Mathematics. Quizzes, talks, studying using latest technologies and learning to apply the subject’s knowledge practically are essential components of the Society meetings. A Senior Maths Colloquium objective questions test is held for A, S and SC form boys once a year. They are also made aware of career options in the field of Mathematics and also shown how Mathematics helps in the study of other courses. Boys who choose to study mathematics need to think like mathematicians and this society is one place for keen mathematicians to help them view themselves as such. This Society encourages boys to develop an interest in Mathematics and to pursue it at higher levels as well. The department also publishes the magazine Infinity.

The department of Mathematics encourages boys of all forms to participate in district, national and international level Mathematics Competitions. Some of these are listed here:

  • Raffles Institution Maths Challenge (Maths Open Online Contest)
  • National Creativity Olympiad
  • Regional Mathematical Olympiad
  • CEMC University of Waterloo Mathematics Contests:
  • Raffles Institution Maths Challenge:
  • Numerical Ability Test:
  • Mathematics Olympiad Programme (Regional, National and International)