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Alongside some of the clubs and societies on offer are many publications.

House Publications
The two holding houses have their own publications.
i. Foot Prints
ii. Chestnut
D formers are the producers, writers and illustrators of Foot Prints for Foot House and Chestnut for Martyn House.
These are either produced on paper as a booklet or as a wall chart.

The Doon School Weekly

The Doon School Weekly established in 1936, The Doon School Weekly is the flagship publication of the School. It signals Saturday breakfast unfailingly each week of the school term. This is run almost entirely by the boys, with the faculty members on the Board acting as advisors and guides and, sometimes, as censors. Boys from C form upwards are selected to be members of the Editorial Board and the Editor in Chief is an SC former who has climbed up the ‘Weekly ladder’.

The objectives of The Weekly are to chronicle the School’s events, showcase literary talent, serve as a platform for exchange of ideas and engage in healthy debate, encourage the expression of individual viewpoints, interview special visitors and guests of the School and discuss matters that relate to the School community and the world at large.

In the pursuit of the above, the boys learn writing, editing, proofreading, designing and formatting skills that are the essential tools of publishing. Knowledge of software exclusive to producing a publication is a given. They are made aware of the journalistic code of ethics and learn to operate within its parameters. The rigour and regularity of this publication instils a sense of discipline and responsibility in the boys. They are aware that it is not only within Chandbagh that this publication is read, but that it is available online to the Old Boy community and friends of the School worldwide as well as to anyone who wishes to read it.

The Weekly is proud to claim a number of well-known writers, journalists and media persons to have begun as reporters and editors on this publication and who have gone on to earn accolades for themselves in the literary arena – Vikram Seth, Amitav Ghosh, Pranoy Roy, Ram Guha, Suman Dubey, Swaminathan Aiyar, Aroon Purie, Kanti Bajpai, to name but a few. The Weekly remains ever hopeful to add more names to this illustrious list!