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HAM Radio

The enthusiasm for this STA displayed by the founding team of teachers and boys has seen a rising number of boys in it ever since. The boys appear for the ASOL HAM Exam conducted by the Ministry of Telecommunications, New Delhi, for Grade I and II licences on a regular basis. The activity has a state-of-the art radio station which enables us to establish contact with HAMs within the country as well as overseas. Recognising the dedication of the DOSCO community to the activity, the Department of Telecommunication, Government of India, has issued The Doon School HAM Club a licence with VU2CHC as the call sign of the School. The School is in the process with NIAR of implementing a pilot project on an “Amateur Radio Advanced Digital Communication Network” that mixes Internet technologies and appropriate amateur radio technology that bridges any distance to deliver advantages of a reliable, secure, transparent system for last mile connectivity. The project envisages building a nationwide auxiliary amateur radio-based advanced digital communication network to provide a radio e-mail messaging system.