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Hindi Dramatics (Junior)

Theatre is not a mere medium of entertainment. Today it is used as an effective educational tool. We focus on this aspect of theatre in our society. Earlier, this society was known as Shama and was established in 1944. Members of junior Hindi dramatics meet every Tuesday during the term time. They not only learn different skills (improvisation, modulation, body language, use of space and property on stage) but they are encouraged to devise their own scripts, direct them and take mock production responsibilities. They familiarize themselves with Hindi plays and playwrights by script reading. Every year members of the society perform two plays, a stage play in spring term and a street play on the Founder’s in autumn. The following are recent performances: Natak Nahi, Hawalat, Choohey, Wo BolUthi, Andher Nagri, Girgit, Gadhaa.