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The International Award for Young People, India (IAYP)

Member: The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award International Association. .

This award programme is the most adaptable and successful youth empowerment programme. There are no religious, political or strategic affiliations. Around the world, over hundred and thirty countries use this model for positive youth empowerment. The Award Programme enables the participants to enjoy the outdoors, serve the community and be passionate and fit for life. The Doon School offers this award programme to its boys at all three levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold. The programme is non-competitive and anyone with perseverance and enterprise, including the disabled, can earn an Award. Boys choose activities that are appropriate to their environment and best suited to their own personal interests and talents. They have to demonstrate an interest in skills, adventure, community service and physical fitness.

The Doon School is now a Youth Engaging Society (YES) Centre of the IAYP. A YES Centre develops and delivers the Award to young Indian students by offering the Programme to the community beyond the four walls of the institution. It partners with IAYP India (NAA) and collaborates to provide training in order to further the programme in zones all over India. Young people in the age group 14–25 are welcome to do the programme through a YES Centre of their choice, if they do not have access through school, college or an Award unit. In 2011, the School was selected to be one of only four schools in India to attend the IAYP International Youth Conference in Israel.