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A picture really is worth a thousand words. Photography is both a creative and a technical art form. The Doon School offers photography in order to enjoy this art form through learning how to take good photographs. The boys who maintain a consistent interest and learn well are given a chance to capture various events for the school and contribute to in-house publications. In this spare time activity, the boys understand the key technical features of cameras. They learn the effect of lights on images and are taught important factors for shooting on different occasions. They understand which lens to use and realize key creative ideas that can be put to use. The photography squad now captures almost all the events of the school, and takes photographs for the Year Book. An annual activity for the squad is to put up an exhibition of the year’s work of creative photographs. The boys are awarded certificates for prize-winning photographs and a camera is presented at the end of the year to the best photographer.

Picture Credits: Boys of Photography Club