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Student Exchange

The Student Exchange Programme is a once in a lifetime opportunity for any boy standing on the threshold of his adult life. It gives him a first-hand view of what life is beyond the four walls he has lived within so far. With globalization, the world is developing very fast. To prepare the boys for tomorrow, they need to understand how other cultures and societies think, behave and live. Our boys will be part of a wider world. Every year the School sends up to forty boys on exchange to various schools in the UK, Australia, Canada, US, South Africa, Kenya, Germany and Thailand and hosts equal numbers of boys from other partnering schools. The places are highly sought after and competition is fierce. Boys are required to write a letter of application and submit a copy of their curriculum vitae. A strong academic record and proactive approach to all aspects of school life are essential ingredients to success.

The schools that are The Doon School’s exchange partners are largely IBSC and HMC schools with a few schools that are in Round Square. Boys go on exchange at the end of March after they have done their Class 10 board examinations and boys from those schools are welcomed by The Doon School in the school’s Autumn term.

Picture Credits: Boys of Photography Club