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Foot House

Named after the first Headmaster of The Doon School, Arthur E. Foot, Foot House is one of the two Holding Houses and was rebuilt in 2005. Dr. H.D. Bhat (1980 to 1983) marked a period of stability and initial growth for Foot House. He laid the foundation for the House’s traditions and values, establishing a nurturing environment for new students.

When boys walk through the portals of The Doon School, it takes a while to let go of the apron strings and settle down. The extra care and concern so needed at that stage is ensured by housing the young D Formers at Foot House under the personal care of a Housemaster, an Assistant Housemaster, Dames and a team of Tutors.

This building currently houses 40 Grade-7 (D Form) boys who join the school each year in April. Well-lit and airy dorms with attached bathrooms, a well furbished common room, rooms for ‘toye’ and two basketball courts are some of the features of this facility.

House Master

Ms. Ruchi Sahni (RHS)

Assistant House Master

Mr. Keshav Bhatt (KBT)


Ms. Kanchan Shukla

Tutors: Mr. Ambikesh Shukla (AKS), Dr. Harshita Ahuja Sabharwal (HTA), Ms. Seetha Sekhar (SSR), Mr. Ashutosh Tripathi (ATI), Mr. Vishal Dutta (VLD)

Foot House’s Kanatal Adventure – April 2024