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The role of the Tutor

The Tutor’s Role

Tutoring aims to respond to the individual needs of the pupils within the boarding community and forms a vital part of the school’s pastoral care structure through which it is committed to the highest standards of pupil welfare.

Virtually all full-time members of the teaching staff are tutors, and the team is supplemented by many experienced non-teaching tutors drawn from the wider school community. All receive training and follow a tutor programme which is reviewed and updated annually.

In general, tutors take a friendly and informed interest in the pupils in the boarding houses to which they are assigned, contributing to the life of the boarding house through social and extra-curricular activities, as well as through specific duties. There are specific outings per term with tutors too. These include midterms, “nights out”, tutor day outings and social service together.

More specifically, each tutor is responsible for a small group of tutees (7-8), providing them with on-going support and monitoring, academically and pastorally. Tutors act as a sounding board for opinions, as a mediator and confidant, and they interpret and reinforce the standards and values of the school. They promote friendly dialogue and act as common-sense listeners through the sometimes choppy waters of a boy’s adolescence.

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