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Kashmir House

“House of Gentlemen”

The fourth House in the School was initially established as Gibson House in 1937 but was later renamed Kashmir House. The Kashmir House is one of the oldest structures and houses of The Doon School. A donation by Maharaja Hari Singh of Kashmir for the construction of the House resulted in the name of ‘Kashmir House’. The house is situated next to Hyderabad House along one flank of the Main Field.

Kashmir House, symbolized by its chinar leaf emblem, can rightfully take pride in its accomplished alumni. Throughout the years, it has produced prominent individuals who have served as Prime Minister, held ministerial positions in Foreign Affairs, Defence, Education, Tourism, and more. It has also contributed significantly to the representation in Parliament and various legislative bodies, boasting the longest-serving Chief Minister, a serving Central Minister of State, and four Members of Parliament.

Old Boys have made their mark in virtually every field, and it is now the responsibility of the current generation of Kashmir House students to uphold this legacy and continue the tradition of excellence.

House Master

Mr. Manish Pant (MPT)

Assistant House Master

Mr. Satya Shrava Sharma (SAS)


Ms. Ria Chakraborty

Tutors:  Dr. Srinivas Swamy (SSW), Mr. Manoj Pandey (MNP), Mr. Adarsh Saxena (ASA), Mr. Jitendra Tiwari (JTR), Ms. Anuradha Singh (ADS), Mr. Mohit Ghai (MTG), Mr. Nagendra Singh (NAS), Mr. Sabyasachi Ghosh (SBG), Dr. Ankur Joshi (ARJ), Syed Mohd. Hasan Ahtesham (SHA)

Kashmir House (C Form) Midterm Adventure in Harsil Jhala – April 2024