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Let’s Eat!

Let’s Eat!

The boys’ day starts with a steaming cup of Chhota Hazri (chocolate milk) and biscuits/rusks in their respective houses. The three main meals are served in the Central Dining Hall for the boys and staff who eat together daily. There is a special three hour Sunday brunch organized every week in order to allow for a more leisurely and informal eating experience. There is also provision for mid-morning and evening-tea snacks.

Each house has a pantry well equipped with milk and fruits, should the boys get hungry in between. The School also has a tuckshop that opens twice a week to provide special treats to the boys.

A comprehensive and a balanced menu has been designed in consultation with a nutritionist providing boys and staff with cuisines that are varied and wholesome.

During each term there are two house feasts which provide a festive get together for the boys. The top three year groups also have an opportunity to take private outings in groups to town to feast on the culinary delights available to teenage boys in time-honoured, Dosco-favoured restaurants!

Boys have a chance to make culinary requests via the Mess Committee which meets regularly and consists of boys and staff meeting the Catering Manager. They sit together in houses in the Central Dining Hall and enjoy the chance to meet and catch up with Tutors at meal times.