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Let’s Eat!

Let’s Eat!

The boys eat breakfast at 8am, lunch at 1pm and dinner at 7.30pm each day, Monday- Saturday.

On national holiday days and on Sundays breakfast is at 9am and there are two refreshment breaks in the mid morning and mid afternoon. There are also provisions for snacks to be made in the Houses in the evenings should boys get hungry. The school also has a refurbished tuck shop.

Click here: Central Dining Hall

The Central Dining Hall provides three main meals a day and two substantial snacks. A comprehensive and balanced menu designed in consultation with a dietician provides boys and staff with a cuisine that is varied and nutritious. Boys have a chance to make culinary requests via the Mess Committee which meets regularly and consists of boys and staff meeting the Catering Manager.

Boys have snacks in the house first thing in the morning (our famous “Chota hazri”) and late at night, and there are numerous house feasts and opportunities for the top three year groups to take a day outing in a group to Derhadun to feast on the culinary delights available to teenage boys in time-honoured, Dosco-favoured restaurants!

Boys sit together in houses in the Central Dining Hall and enjoy the chance to meet and catch up with tutors at meal times. There is also an organized system of dining etiquette lessons for boys throughout the year. The Headmaster eats breakfast and lunch with the boys at different tables every day he is in school as it gives him a chance to get to know the boys and share news and views with them.


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