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Oberoi House

“House of Honour”

Oberoi House is the most recent addition to the Houses. Prior to 1985, there was no dialogue about the establishment of a new House. Although it faced substantial opposition, primarily due to concerns regarding the organization of inter-house games, it was eventually established in 1991, becoming an integral part of the School’s landscape.

It has been a remarkable 32-year journey since the inception of Oberoi House. It has earned renown for academic excellence and good discipline. Over the years, this House has nurtured and graduated remarkable alumni who have excelled in various diverse fields. Some have pursued careers in the entertainment industry as actors, while others have ventured into the realm of hospitality as successful hoteliers. Additionally, a significant number have emerged as prominent leaders within the business world.

As we reflect on this impressive track record, we are filled with optimism and anticipation for the continued ascent of the Swan. We have every confidence that the House will continue to scale greater heights, producing even more accomplished individuals who will make their mark in their respective fields.

House Master

Mr. Hemant Choudhary (HCY)

Assistant House Master

Ms. Ragheshree Das Gupta (RDG)


Ms. Sarabjeet Kaur

Tutors:  Ms. Purnima Dutta (PDT), Mr. Arnab Mukherjee (ARM), Mr. Vishal Mohla (VSM), Mr. Chandan Singh Ghughtyal (CSG), Mr. Chit Ranjan Khadgee (CRK), Mr. Arvind Dethe (ARD), Ms. Vaishali Gairola (VGA), Dr. Suruchi Mishra (SMA), Mr. Suman Vulupala (SVA)

Oberoi House (A Form) Midterm to Auli – April 2024