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Hyderabad House

“House of Lords”

Hyderabad House rightfully holds the distinction of being the first House at The Doon School, with Mr. JAK Martyn serving as its pioneering Housemaster.

Over the years, the ‘House of Lords,’ a fond nickname among its alumni, has embarked on an extraordinary journey. Hyderabad House has been a breeding ground for exceptional talents in sports such as golf, cricket, polo, squash, and tennis, with several individuals achieving excellence at different levels in these disciplines. Additionally, the House has contributed a Headmaster to the School and produced several individuals who have left a lasting impact in the field of education. Active engagement in music, art, and dramatics has also been a defining characteristic of Hyderabad House. Remarkably, Hyderabad House can count a few exceptional individuals in the field of medicine and surgery among its alumni who take pride in their association with the House.

The accomplishments of its Old Boys are a source of genuine pride for Hyderabad House, as they have spread their influence in diverse directions, bringing honour not only to their House but also to their alma mater.

House Master

Mr. Sudhir Thapa (SRT)

Assistant House Master

Mr. Harshal Gunwant (HGT)


Ms. Meenakshi Tripathi

Tutors: Mr. Piyush Malviya (MLV), Ms. Priya Chauhan (PRC), Mr. Aseem Tripathi (AST), Mr. Arun Kumar (ARK), Mr. Deepankar Sirohi (DSI), Mr. Vratik Upadhyay (VKU), Ms. Neha Rawat (NRT), Mr. Hari Bhaskar (HBG), Mr. Gyanesh K Pandey (GKP)

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