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Tata House


“True as Steel”

Barrit House was the House which started in 1935. The boys were based in the rooms now part of Kashmir House. Mr. Barrit was living in Chandbagh Villa which was eventually to become Tata House Housemaster’s residence. In 1936, the present Tata House building was almost ready and Mr. Barrit moved out with his boys to the new location. Some work was still pending and so the boys slept in the classrooms in the Main Building. They also used the washrooms next to the then chemistry laboratory in the Main Building. So Mr. H.E. Barrit became the first Housemaster of Tata House.

Tata House with its motto True as Steel is thriving, and is still perhaps the strongest building on the campus. It can justifiably take pride in providing two Headmasters to School, an Air Force Chief, a mountaineering legend, an internationally renowned sculptor, some outstanding sportsmen on the national scene, an ex-Chief Minister, two prominent Ministers in their respective states, two MPs and a couple of MLAs, at least two generals in the army, an Air Chief Marshall, a number of other senior Air Force officers, and a number of diplomats and captains of industry. There are scores of others who have distinguished themselves in different spheres and have brought credit to themselves, their House and their School. Many boys of the second generation have passed through its portals and the third generation is very much there and the cycle continues.


House Master

Dr. Ashish Dean (ADN)


Assistant House Master

Mr. Inderjit Singh (IDS)


Dame: Ms Ruthann Rozario