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Tata House

“True as Steel”

Barritt House, the second house to be established in 1935, initially accommodated its residents in the rooms that are now part of Kashmir House. Mr. H.E. Barrit assumed the role of the first Housemaster of Tata House. He resided in Chandbagh Villa, which would later become the Tata House Housemaster’s residence.

Tata House, guided by its motto “True as Steel,” continues to flourish and stands as perhaps the most resilient building on the campus. It can rightfully take pride in its illustrious history, having produced two Headmasters for the school, an Air Force Chief, a renowned mountaineering legend, an internationally acclaimed sculptor, several exceptional athletes of national acclaim, an ex-Chief Minister and Members of Parliament. The die-hard spirit and fierce loyalty to the House, has earned Tata House a formidable reputation.

Scores of individuals associated with Tata House have distinguished themselves in various fields, bringing honour not only to themselves but also to their House and alma mater. Furthermore, many sons of the second generation have walked through its doors, and the presence of the fourth generation is currently evident, ensuring that this cycle of excellence will continue indefinitely.

House Master

Dr. Ashish Dean (ADN)

Assistant House Master

Dr. Mugdha Pandey (MPY)


Ms. Ruthann Rozario

Tutors: Mr. Ashad Qezilbash (AAQ), Mr. Nitin Chauhan (NTC), Mr. Rahul Luther (RLR), Ms. Malvika Kala (MLV), Mr. Anubhab Bhattacharjee (ABE), Mr. Dwayne Jude Savio D’Costa (DSD), Ms. Arushi Juyal (AJL), Mr. Pratap Chandran GR (PCG), Mr. Naval Kishore Bahuguna (NLB)

Tata House (C Form) Midterm to Pauri Garhwal – April 2024