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Jaipur House

“House of Eagles”

Originally, it was established as Thomas House in 1936, within the buildings that are presently recognized as Kashmir House. Chronologically, it is the third House at The Doon School. The construction of the building was completed in 1937, and at that time, a cohort of 49 boys moved into the House under the leadership of Mr. CL Howell-Thomas who assumed the role of the first Housemaster of Jaipur House. He had a strong interest in swimming and played a pivotal role in initiating the first cross-country competition in February 1939.

Between 2008 and 2010, the building underwent a renovation process. During this time, the students of Jaipur House temporarily lived in the recently constructed Foot and Martyn Houses. Despite all the construction work, a single camphor tree remains standing in its full splendour. Over time, numerous groups of students have employed it as an impromptu wicket for practicing and refining their cricketing abilities.

The alumni of Jaipur House have spread out in various directions and have brought great honour to both the House and the School. Jaipur House can genuinely take pride in its accomplished members, including an internationally acclaimed writer, two Magsaysay award winners, four Chairmen of the Board of Governors, the first Rhodes Scholar, and the first Chairman of the Board of the Chandbagh School in Pakistan. In fact, Old Boys of Jaipur House have excelled as ministers, diplomats, judges, and captains of industry.

House Master

Mr. Pratyush Vaishnav (PTV)

Assistant House Master

Mr. Parvinder Kumar (PKR)


Ms. Durgesh Kumari

Tutors: Mr. Manu Malhotra (MMR), Mr. Anand Kumar Mandhiain (AKM), Mohd. Istemdad Ali (MIA), Dr. Partho Roy (PRY), Mr. Supratim Basu (SPB), Mr. G Gyaneshwaram (GYA), Ms. Moulee Gowswami (MGI), Mr. H Prabhu Raj (HPR), Dr. Anshu Dhar Jayal (ADJ)

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