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The Role of the Dame

The role of the Dame

The role of the Dame in the lives of the boys and the house is a very important one.
They provide a huge amount of support emotionally and administratively to all boys of all ages, for example from helping to ensure that their laundry, hair-cuts and other aspects of their personal lives are on track, to lending a sympathetic ear and being a pillar of support to them in conjunction with their Tutor and Housemaster.

Dames supervise all meals ensuring the boys eat a well balanced diet, liase with the Wellness Centre, dispense medication and provide the required motherly care for the physical and emotional well being of the boys. They visit the Wellness Centre daily to track the progress of sick boys and update themselves on the medication that is being administered to the boys in their care. In collaboration with the School’s Administration department, they ensure the maintenance and smooth running of the boarding facility. They are responsible for the management of support staff assigned for the housekeeping functions in the house.

They are also the first point of contact for the parents who want news of the well being of the boys.