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Summer Schools

Outbound Summer Program

Boys are also able to discover more about life at university and college overseas by applying to a number of summer schools. These are largely available in the summer holidays. More information is available from the Careers Department. It provides a different experience from the Student Exchange Programme but is equally valid and rewarding.

Inbound Summer Program – Summer at Doon Leadership Program

Embark on a transformative journey at The Doon School Summer Programme in Dehradun, India, blending academic excellence with essential leadership skill development. Beyond the ordinary summer camp experience, our immersive curriculum, hands-on learning, and collaborative projects shape confident leaders for the future. Join our vibrant community for personal growth, lasting friendships, and unparalleled possibilities.

Enroll now to unlock your potential and embrace the spirit of leadership at the premier Summer School and leadership development programme. Explore the enriching Summer Program at Dehradun, combining academic prowess, summer camps, and leadership training. Secure your spot today for a summer of academic and personal excellence.

Summer at Doon